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Rules of gathering and using personal
information in our on-line service.

What kind of information about users does gather and how we use it?

We gather only minimum information about users in order to guarantee high quality of our service.

In some cases (ie. newsletter subscription) we collect personal information, such as e-mail adresses. This information is not transferred to any third-party companies or persons, unless required by law, and are used to ful-fill our commitments, such as delivering subscribed newsletters.

We can use IP adresses to diagnose problems with server operation, safety violations and to manage our WWW site. Information about users' IP addresses can be also used for statistic purposes. This information however is not anyhow combined with personal data from contact forms or subscribers addresses.


Our site does not use
"cookies", which might gather any personal data.

How do we use data from contact forms?

There is a contact form on our site, which allows our customers to order some information or apply for a meeting, a newsletter subscription form and site recommendation form.

These forms allow for collecting personal info, such as e-mail addresses of users.

Personal contact data from the forms is used to send information about our company and to contact our customers.

Resignation from subscription

You can discontinue newsletter subscription at any time by sending an e-mail with "unsuscribe" in subject at following address:


Users who have any questions according to our privacy policy or would like to share any remarks are welcome to contact us at:

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