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The beginnings of Alpha Logica S.A. reach back to 1983 when it was set up as a private limited company. Since then, the company as well as it’s assortment and territorial range has highly grown. The structure was modified several times in order to adapt it to the needs of extended markets, but there were no significant changes in the ownership of the company.

The founders of the Alpha Logica group developed a worldwide network of trading companies represented in Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Israel, Turkey and the United States. The group has also been present in Central & South America for the last few years. The territorial range extends to 35 countries.

Throughout the world approximately 100 persons are employed by the Alpha Logica group of companies.

In Poland the company started in 1998, as Alpha Logica Polska.
In 2005 the company was transformed to CASYS, what effected with more organizational and financial independency.

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